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Mar 31, 2019
I am wanting to get into pc gaming but need some help choosing a network solution to get a reasonably fast and reliable internet connection. The problem with my house is that it was built in 1948 and is made of wire mesh and spray concrete. When I say the house is made of wire mesh and concrete I mean everything interor walls, ceiling, and floors.This make it so I only have 2.4Ghz wifi which has been fine for surfing and streaming but I figure will fall short for gaming.

Ethernet would be my first choice and was what I used when I played online on my Xbox 360. At that time the router was located in the same room as the consoles and desktop so it made sense to use ethernet. Now the wifi is located one floor up on the first floor in order to get wifi throughout the entire house. That would mean I would need to go through the floor in order to run a ethernet cable to my desktop. Which I don't want to do because concrete is a pain to drill through and I have no idea if asbestos was used as insulation. Though if I could get someone to do it for fairly cheap that might be an option.

Given that wifi or ethernet are not a good or convenient options when I learned about powerline adapter I thought I had found my answer. After more research I don't think this is a good option either. Like I said the house was built in 1948 and what electrical wiring I have seen when replacing light switches and outlets has been cloth insulated wiring instead of plastic. Which makes me think that a good portion at least of the house's wiring is original or very old. So powerline is out I think.

That leaves moca which I think is my best option. In 2017 I got all new cable wiring when I switched to DirectTV. So the coax is new though I don't know the quality of the cable or of the installation which could be a problem. My main worry though is finding something that won't affect my tv connection. Actiontech seems to be the only one that doesn't affect the tv connect, though I could be wrong about that, but the price is quite high. For what it costs for the Actiontech MoCa adapter I wonder if I couldn't get a contractor to run an ethernet cable for a similar amount?

So am I correct in reasoning that a MoCa adapter is the best choice for me and if so which one? Does anyone have any experiance gaming on a MoCa internet connection? Any advice would be appreciated.
Just was watching a video, some lady, having found the speakers of her life, but apartment too small, decided to buy a new house :D

Seriously... Have a Pro come in give you a quote, won't cost u anything, they know stuff, shortcuts u don't see. Just be precise what you want, how many outlets, where is the closet, can closet be moved if necessary, how stealthy you need things to be. Don't just call any contractor, u need somebody who done home networking before, because this guy not only knows about cabling but he can suggest like, OK this outlet difficult, but if you are willing to have the outlet, THAT way, will save u cost.
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