Question Network speeds on personal PC are extremely slow, but every other device is very fast. Help!

Oct 1, 2023
I built my PC back in 2020 or so and it has been relatively no problem until very recently when I've been getting download speeds of 3 Mbps (yes, bits not bytes). It is plugged in with a wired ethernet connection and all the other devices are getting 90+ Mbps at a bare minimum.

I've got an Asus Rog Strix B550-E gaming wifi motherboard.

I've tested the wifi connection also and it's equally as bad as the wired connection. I've tried resetting the network adaptor settings, I've ensured all the drivers are up to date, I've turned off the windows auto tuning level, I've checked for malware, I've even reset my entire machine, wiped it more than once and it still is presenting the same problem. I tried pinging and it's return is 600+ms usually.

What am I missing? Is it a hardware problem perhaps? I've heard that there are some issues with the ROG B550 series motherboards, could that be the issue?
Try running tracert instead. Although you very seldom see it on a ethernet connection if the problem is your machine it should be in hop1.

Normally problems on ethernet are packet loss and not delays. Since it also happens on wifi it makes it less likely it is hardware. The big mystery is if you wiped and reinstalled everything then it can't really be software either. Note asus has bundled some crap "gamer" network acceleration software in their bloatware so you have to be careful to not install it. It has a couple names, cfosspeed is a common one. Anything that talks about giving one traffic priority or QoS you should uninstall.

The common thing I recommend before people wipe and reinstall is to run a linux USB boot image. This tends to be much quicker to test for software issues.

Delays are caused by something holding data in a buffet. Wifi does this because it retransmits data due to errors but pretty much all other network stuff just drops damaged data so you see packet loss.