Question Networking card not working

Mar 3, 2021
Ok here we go. I hope I am providing enough details.
My desktop, a fairly new HP, only gets 2.4 ghz and not 5 ghz, and with my placement of my desk I wanted to update with a new network card. I am not, to be clear, a hardware guy but I am also not a luddite.
So I bought an ASUS pcie AX3000 PCIe wifi adapter (Picture). I installed it in slot 1 and it was not showing up in device manager, so I installed it in the other slot (picture) and it showed up in the device manager.
I have the factory installed wifi card disabled and the new one enabled (picture) and the driver installed, but it wont seem to work. I get a code 43 or a code 10 (pictures pictures).
Help! How do I make this work or should I just send it back?