Jul 22, 2012
My friend brought is desktop over to my house which happens to be custom built. Before he came over he was perfectly connected to his internet at his house, however after he brought his computer to my house he hasn't been able to connect.


When he tries to connect to my wireless connection it says: Getting Information from (My Network name) and then shortly after says: Windows was unable to connect to this Network.

Notice: My internet wireless is fully functioning because that's currently what I'm using on my computer.

Anyway, I tried wiring him directly with an Ethernet cable directly from my router to his computer. At first, he was able to get internet for about a minute and then it completely stopped. When I click on the Network and Sharing Center to view the connection it says: Unidentified Network.

Keep in mind I'm currently connected to the internet myself.

Please let me know what we can do to get him connected, sucks to have a friend over and both not be on the internet.

We've restarted his computer and disabled his Virus protection as well to see if maybe something wasn't functioning or working properly.


Does his computer have network discovery turned on in advanced sharing settings of the network control panel? Is his network card set to automatically obtain an IP address? To check that go to change adapter settings in the network control panel, right click on the adapter, select properties, highlight Internet Protocol Version 4, hit the properties button and see the entry.

If so, try running the networking troubleshooter at the bottom of the network control panel.