Nov 15, 2012
OK so recently my dad's company fired their networking guy (caught doing something he shouldn't be :non: ) but now they need some help setting up a fairly complex network. I am quite interested in learning something like this but have only dabbled a little bit in networking (more of a coder than anything) so I think I need some out side help.

So basically I just need some guidence points - networking is a massive world to me at the mo so to be pointed in the right direction would be awesome!

The company has bought three buildings, one needs networking but also needs to access the other two sites. In the one that needs networking there are three departments (spread on 7 floors) and there are 25000 hosts but should have the ability to accomodate 7000 more.

Each department (3 in total) needs to have autonomous networks spread across the 7 floors.

I managed to speak to the networking guy and ask some points he told me I'd need to submit the following

Network Topology
What Pysical Media I should use
Any network Components I need

I also need to devise an IP Addressing plan for each of the three sites (whatever that is)

I'm not looking for anyone to do the work for me or anything I just want some pointers as where to read or things to research into. I've read as much as I can so far but not seen anything that will accomodate something to this scale.

Thanks a lot in advance for any help you have.


Sep 29, 2012
Pay someone to help, you are going to make a horrible mess out of it if you try something this big.

When you cannot even design and calculate subnets off the top of your head you have no hope to handle more advanced things like spanning tree or routing protocols.

Your best bet is to spend a couple of months studying the material used to obtain a ccna certification. Then you might be able to ask valid questions.

You also have to know much more about the company itself. How the traffic flows between machine and locations varies greatly from company to company. This is a key issue in selection of equipment.