Networks, routers, modems... what fixes lag?


Dec 25, 2011
I've been reading things about multiple routers, multiple networks, etc on one ISP.

Now, the first part of my question is - what causes the Internet to lag when one person is watching Netflix out in the living room or sending a bunch of files on Skype, the fact that we are using the same network?

The second part of my question is - does hooking up multiple routers create completely separate networks and thus fix this problem of lagging whenever anyone else in the same household is doing something like watching Netflix or sending files on Skype?

Second and a half part - what about routers like the ASUS RT-N66U... with two different networks popping up ASUS and ASUS 5G? Is it possible to set up multiple different networks from one router and just use one network for one specific use (Netflix) and another network for another specific use (online gaming) without one interfering with the other?

Third part - in the same light, could you hook up multiple routers for multiple different/separate uses? Meaning, could one router be specifically for that Netflix person, another router be for one online gaming computer in the house, another router for a second online gaming computer in the house, another router be for guests/average web browsing, etc? Yes, a lot of routers, but theoretically or whatever... would this work? What problems would there be?



You can buy a router that has an inbuilt quality of service function. This allows you to configure each computers connection to have a certain priority. This will help but may not completely cure your issues. The only other way around the situation is to have a second broadband connection or if it all possible obtain a fiber connection.