Never buying another ASRock mobo as long as I live.


Feb 26, 2017
So I have been dealing with asrock's terrible audio drivers ever since I bought this damn z370. Today marks the fourth time the Realtek Audio Control Panel has disappeared for seemingly no reason. Since day 1 the audio drivers on the asrock website have done nothing to resolve this issue. The only solution I've found is manually uninstalling the drivers and searching through Window's Driver Catalog in hopes of finding what seems to be the singular version of Realtek that actually works. Last time this happened I was fiddling around with drivers for nearly 3 hours before I fixed the issue. I specifically bought this mobo because of the competitive price and the onboard soundcard; now the latter has been rendered practically useless. At this point I'm so fed up dealing with this that I'd rather drop an extra $200 for an Asus board. As soon as I can, I'm getting Ryzen 2 and ANY other mobo besides an ASRock.
*Reposting this on all ASRock forums in hopes of actually getting somewhere with them*
One would think if it was a driver issue that there would be a significant number of complaints. That being said, I own 2 Asrock z370 boards and a z270 board, all without issue. Any board from any manufacturer can have an issue, none are immune. That being said, I hope you find a resolution and that your next board meets your expectations.