Question Never experienced this before. Anyone have insight into external hard drive problems?

Nov 17, 2019
I recently had a crash mid load or save (I can't recall but it was processing something) on my external hard drive. Since then, have not been able to access the drive. It is registering with my pc but not my mac. It is formatted for both. The file explorer shows the drive (on PC) and even lists out the folders within the drive, but when i try to access a folder it freezes and crashes file explorer. I don't believe it is files explorer, it seems to be the drive.

I have tried almost everything that I can find with no luck.
What I have tried:
  • uninstalling and reinstalling drivers through device manager
  • restarting computer/unplug and plug back in, etc.
  • sfc /scannow
  • diskchk
  • virus and protection scans
  • dism cleanup/restore
  • changing drive letter
  • formatting to ntfs
  • attemped to format/fix through disk management
  • same through devmgmt
  • tried to format and fix through DISKPART
  • check and repair through the properties window
  • as a final attempt I tried to format the drive with no luck.

It seems the drive won't even let me format it. That is where I am stumped. All of the disk checks I run show up as healthy and working properly. The only thing I have found was that when I ran a diskchk through the command prompt it told me "Cannot run diskchk on RAW drive."

I then tried to format the drive into ntfs with no luck.

Does anyone have any insight into what to try next. Is the drive a lost cause? Thanks in advance!
Nov 17, 2019
hello, thanks for response.
its a seagate portable scsi disk device, USB
direct from computer to drive, no external power supply

have tried it on multiple ports and my mac as well. Thanks again!