Never had this problem - Computer wont turn off


Jun 1, 2008
Alright. I've been building computers in my spare time for a few years, so I'm not a total idiot when it comes to computer repair.

For once, my own computer has busted. When I turn off my computer, it turns right back on. I checked everything I could software wise; I won't waste your time with those details, I went ahead and restored the computer and put on a fresh copy of Vista.

Same problem.

That brings me to case wiring and maybe a mother board messing up... I think.

None of my buttons are stuck. The wiring going into the switches looks good.

So I'm out of ideas!

Again, the computer will turn on if I turn it off via windows "Shut Down" button, and even if I just hold in the power button to shut down. If I hold in the power button, it will reboot once, if I hold it in a second time, the computer will not reboot.

Thanks guys!