Question Never over clocked before wanna try on striker extreme and q9550

Mar 1, 2019
Ok so I've never overclocked before. I have a striker extreme motherboard, a q9550 cpu, huge aftermarket cooler with 2 fans on it., 4 gigs of ram and window 7 ultimate running on it.. I know it's old junk but I would like to boost the oc the cpu. With heat I would be putting it in a very cold basement.. almost freezing down there. I have no idea how to do it and was looking for someone with this cpu and mb combo to be able to walk me thru boosting it a bit
Welcome :)

You can use up to 1.45V under 70*C for 24/7 for CPU.
Raise the FSB by 25Mhz, if you hit high core clock (eg from 3.2 to 3.8), your CPU requires more voltage soo lower the multiplier by 1.
DDR2 ram , max safe voltage 2.1V~,2.2V~ if the passes does not seem stable at 1066 or if you hit 1200MHz with your kit, lower the speed of the ram, cause if you push FSB the ram speed also rises (first set it to lowest strap, to see the CPU overclock limit)
Lock the PCIE at 100Mhz , also sometimes setting it to 101-105 can magically improve overclock, which happened to me with UD3R.
Just about the chipset voltages, im not familiar since I've used the P45 chipset.
PLL voltage 1.6V

You will eventually hit the sweetspot between the FSB and RAM strap, it will be basicly 1:1, usually at 400ish FSB (YOu can check that via CPUZ on memory tab).

]Im not going anywhere above 1.5V on this shiny Q6600, Im scared for it, neither the cooler was designed to withstand 150W, i started to smell something like plastic, no ty.
Single 4 pin connector instead of 8, because cheap-o PSU, I just wait for it to pop :).
I also might look for DDR2 1066 since they are quite cheap here, 15-20$ for kit of 2x2GB.

Q6600 @3.28 1.5125V (real 1.488V)
Ram 515 5-5-5-15-2T
FSB 410
Rated 1640

These were my OC which I could've reach.

Also to note, MCH core is North bridge, as Asus calls it.


This will get you started, baby steps there is no quick fix.