Never update Asus P8P67-M BIOS!

Dec 1, 2018
It's truly disaster. Why they do that? Why they make new BIOS updates if they are causing such a lot of problems. I'm very angry! Very!
2 days ago I decided to update my very old BIOS on my very old motherboard. I found last update for BIOS (3701) on official site and thought surprisingly, why they didn't make a newer update after 2013 year. Okey, I put it on my HDD and flashed. Omg, I was jumping and dancing around my comp, I couldn't turn it on! I never knew about such things as jumper, clear CMOS etc.
I turned my PC on! At evening, closer to the night I managed to alive the comp and what I see - disaster! Overvoltage, overtemperature and something more, I don't remember. Wtf, I'm in panic. I can't really normally turn on my PC. I flashed on three older updates (from USB-drive, he-he-he), but the problem still remains. I can't flash 1701 or 1501 versions, cause BIOS tells me that they are outdated.
Comrades, how to return my BIOS to the very native version?

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