Neverwinter nights 2..pls help...install...


Nov 4, 2011
i also cant get nwn2 to install...i can get it installed, but it makes me update from 1.00 to 1.17. most of the patches are being installed but 2 files come up highlighted in RED saying files not found, but then continues the rest of the update all the way till its finished. when its finished it says "it cant find Direct 3D" so i installed direct 3D and it still wont work. i have a dell, windows vista 32 or 64 im not sure, sorry not great with computers :( i am a fan of all the forgotten relms books, icewind dale 1 and 2 and nwn 1 pc games, jus would really LOVE to start my drow elf assassin adventure lol. so some1 please help me!!! posted nov. 4th
Need to post your system specs, run a program called CPU-Z and post your CPU, Video Card, OS, RAM. Are you using onboard graphics or an add-on video card?

You should try updating the video and chipset drivers for the system, can get the files from Dell's site, use the service tag # on the PC to get the right drivers for your model.