Question New 144Hz 4MS heavy ghosting

Oct 28, 2021
So I bought a new Samsung gaming monitor:
Model # - LC24RG50FQMXCH
Software Ver. - M-R5024GGLA - 1002.4
I'm experiencing awful amount of ghosting, nothing I do seems to change it.
heres a record at 60fps (thats what amd allows me) and you'll see the ghosting. at 144hz its more visible and more annyoing tbh.
when it comes to the settings, there ain't much. Any help would be appreciated..
link to video
this appears to be a model made exclusively for Middle Eastern / Asian territories.
the fact that it isn't produced or sold as a "global" product could point to some lax manufacturing or other issues that Samsung didn't want to fight with other areas of the globe about with RMA and other return practices/laws.

you may just want to return the product to the retailer or get Samsung to send you a replacement.