Question New 16 inch laptops?


Dec 28, 2015
Hoping this is the right forum. My apologies if it's not.

Would love to hear some opinions on these new 16 inch laptops that Lenovo and Acer are marketing. Not sure if there are others making them as well or not. Will there be issues with typical resolutions? Will the displays be 'cut off' at the edges and not fill the screens, instead displaying 15.6? I'm looking to buy a new gaming laptop, and would love to have some feedback on this new size of laptops so I know whether or not to consider them.

I'm and old disabled veteran with bad eyes and currently have an older 17 inch Sager, and would prefer to stick with a larger size laptop, but before I rule out the 16 inch, I'd like to hear some pros and cons. Thanks in advance!
Thin bezels are all the rage and a casual internet search tells me this is still the case.

I don't find screen size mattering in the sense that you can always bump the UI scaling. But the question becomes how much effective real estate do you want? Like I have a 1080p 13" laptop that suits me fine and I don't mind the effective real estate being more so like 1440x900. I'd argue for a 15-16" 1080p laptop you can get by with 100% scaling at 1080p, but 125% is much more comfortable.

Also consider the option of using a monitor.