Question New 9900k and Aorus z390. Broken 3 socket pins and bent around 8 others. PC is working perfectly?!

Mar 25, 2019
I just got a new motherboard and CPU after my last 9900k died within a week.
Now im not sure if the motherboard i got already had damage to the socket pins, i didn't look. i definitely didnt put on the CPU incorrectly. Can tightening the Noctua d15 too much cause it?

Anyway, i fixed the bent pins but ive got 1 snapped off pin, and 2 that are munted, or half cut off. I tried to position them best i can for the chance of contact.

To my surprise, after fixing the pins, my PC booted straight up, and is completely stable.
Now im constantly worried about frying another CPU because of this, is this a valid concern and should i get the motherboard replaced anyway despite it working fine (so far)
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Bent cpu socket pins are not an accepted reason for a RMA.

You are lucky that the damage did not impact something important to you.
For example if the damage impacted a ram socket that you are not using now.

If you installed the noctua NH-D15 properly, you can not overtighten the screws. They are spring loaded to get the proper tension and have a stop from excessive tightening.