Question New "Administrator" Password required at more errors after Windows XP fresh setup

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Aug 3, 2021
I have installed Windows XP on a Presario laptop using a DVD drive. Yes it installed fine without any missing files error or any errors. But at the end when it said "Let's begin" in the windows XP logon screen.
it required a Password from the user named Administrator. I pressed enter without pressing anything. Then comes the error "The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted "
This is a fresh installation. How could there be a password? when there's a "Incorrect Password" it literally says "Forgot your password" like as it has a original password.

What is this error?

Math Geek

where did you get the xp disk to install from? is it a true MS disk or is it a burned copy you got somewhere?

it is possible to include passwords and users and such into the install if it was created by someone else. if it is looking for a domain, this means it is a Pro edition which has even more custom install options available to it.

so where did you get the disk??
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