Question New AMD build crashing after about 3-5 minutes

May 2, 2019
So I just did a big upgrade and bought a 3950x and an aorus X570 mobo as well as upgrading my ram and my SSD. I’m using the same 2080ti I was using in my old build as well as my evga 850w psu. I reformatted and reinstalled windows on my new ssd but now my pc crashes every 3-5 minutes Sometimes just freezing up completely and required a hard restart, and other times it will BSOD.

Half the time the BSOD will go too quick for me to see what the error is and other times it will last long enough for me to see it is a CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT.

Not sure if it is the same issue every time but like I said I can only log Into windows for about 3-5 min before it will crash.

It does not crash before loading windows such as being in bios or running a mem test but when I’m in windows I have very little time to do anything before the system crashes.