Question New AMD build is garbage.

Dec 1, 2018
So at the start of the year I bought a new system and ever since I've had one problem after another.

First it didn't start at all, took power in for 2 sec before it shut off and kept repeating like this every few seconds. Took it to a PC repair guy and it booted up without problems. Repair guy never found any issues and when I brought it home that problem was gone.

But now I had a new problem. After I push the power button, gets stuck on the initial motherboard screen and I get past it only by pressing reset button. Then it takes roughly 2 minutes (from SSD) to boot into windows. It gets past the windows welcome screen and then the screen turns black for about 30 sec and then I get a windows script error (Maintenance.vbs) and after about a minute it finally shows me the desktop.

Then I have problems with playing videos on YouTube and Netflix. YouTube isn't as bad but Netflix is very choppy when watching through Chrome (hardware acceleration is off) So I downloaded the Netflix app and it works fine most of the time but sometimes it randomly slows down PC so much that I get 1-2 fps on my desktop.

And now this morning something utterly weird happened. Was in bed, PC was turned off overnight and it started doing the same thing as in the first point. Never touched PC but it tried to turn on and failed every time after 2 sec.

Ryzen 5 2600
ASRock B450 pro 4
Rx 590
Corsair vengeance 2x8gb
Corsair cx550
Crucial m4 128gb SSD
Some 1tb HDD
Windows 10 64bit
Any help would be appreciated


Update the BIOS if you haven't.

Sounds like you might to a Windows re-install as well.

Check for Wake on LAN settings in the BIOS, or other startup triggers. If the computer is sleeping or hibernating there are a few things that can turn it on. Keystroke being the most common.


Jan 5, 2019
There are a few things you could do to trouble shoot. First off, update your Bios like Eximo said. Next thing I would recommend is to DDU your current drivers and install the newest ones fresh again. Now when it is doing what you stated (powering on for 2 seconds, then shutting off), is it bringing you to a crash report screen or is it just turning off completely? If it is turning off completely you could have a problem with your PSU maybe. AMD is known for pulling a bit of power (especially under load) so it is always good to give yourself a little wattage wiggle room. 550W (even though it should be good on paper) might be browning out, or might just be a faulty unit all together. If you are trouble shooting hardware, the PSU is where I would start. If there is any hard ware stores around your location (even a bestbuy) just go buy a bigger PSU and if it works, then the problem is solved. If it doesn't help the issue, go return the PSU. Hopefully something helps from this.
Dec 1, 2018
When I first encountered that restart loop I tested PSU (had 630W Thermaltake) and it failed so I sent it back and bought this current one. Problem persisted so that's when I took it to repair guy. When I brought it back home I noticed that long start up time and I did a clean windows install from original windows 10 flashdrive along with newest drivers (except BIOS drivers because I didn't had a working USB drive).
Now yesterday when I came home and started the PC, it got past welcome screen and then shut off and couldn't get it started again. Although my girlfriend said she was using it in the morning.
But yes, when it starts doing those restarts it usually won't even get as far as to show the initial motherboard screen.
Something else that I noticed only yesterday after I plugged a 300 euro laptop into the same TV as the PC, scrolling web pages on PC is lagging really bad. TV is only 720p and 30hz, but on laptop web browsing is butter smooth, even tough the hardware is not really comparable. Games on PC were running fine.

I had similar issue with my old system. I had Intel/Nvidia system that I used for 5 years and about once a year I had a problem where PC would randomly shut off. When restarted, motherboard gave error code for memory so switching the slot usually helped. Didn't think much of it at the time until last November when it never turned on again. Same loop of restarts happened but this time motherboard didn't post. It was old so I just bought new components. From the old components I'm using the SSD, HDD and the case (cooler master elite 310 ATX).
Problem can't be the drives because it still happened when they were disconnected. But now I'm thinking could it be the case, because yesterday morning I did had a Bluetooth speaker charging from one of the front USB ports and I disconnected it. This was the only interaction I had with it before it tried to turn on.

I will go tomorrow and buy the USB stick and try to update BIOS if get it to turn on long enough.