Sep 19, 2021
Hey guys, I need some help, it's not my first time building a pc
My new pc has these components:
CPU - Ryzen 5600x
Motherboard - Arous B550M elite
Ram - G.SKILL Trident Z neo 3800Mhz
PSU -Antec high current gamer 850W 80Bronze
GPU - Gigabyte RTX 3060TI Gaming OC
Samsung 980 pro m.2 NVMe
2tb HHD

I updated the bios to support my 5600x with q-flash, but i still don't see any signal with or without my GPU, I even got my friend's GPU and nothing happened, I'm kinda freaked out about it…

Even tried 3 different monitors.

I'll be glad if someone can suggest something.