Question New AMD Ryzen 7000 and older PCI-E Cards


Jan 1, 2018
Im debating at some point to move up the the AM5 CPU. I'll probably stick with Gigabyte for the motherboard. My question is this. Is it true you have to completely replace almost all the electrical components of the system to move up to AM5? Reason I ask is I have 3 or 4 PCI-E 1.0 cards I use in my system (not including the video card). I take it I won't be able to use those older cards in the new board? I have some cards for video capture, 1394, and one for an older IDE device I still use. I don't believe the market will make new PCI-E 5.0 cards to replace what I have now. So am I out of luck, or will the AM5 setup allow the use of 1.0 cards? I heard this may be the case, which kept me from upgrading to AM5 in the first place. I dont mind replacing my GPU or memory, but the add in cards is the problem.

Reason is I like to build a system capable of 8K video editting. Im running the 5900X right now and my system struggles with 4K video without upgrading the memory or using the Pro version of software. My 4K files are 200mb compression.

Also is older SATA supported under AM5? I also have a Blu Ray burner which I still use, plus some SATA mechanical hard drives.

Or is this just too soon to know the specifics of AM5 compatability?
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Normally yes, but I was told by my family member the AM5 will only go back to 4.0. That was my concern.
Ask them for proof. If they only provide a vague response or some reddit post that doesn't also provide proof, then it's not a thing.

Besides, in addition to backwards compatibility, PCIe speeds are often slowed down on video cards when they're idling or under low loads because there's no reason to have them get data that fast and keeping PCIe speeds fast increases power consumption.