New AMD vs Intel i-series Processors - How do they compare?


Oct 29, 2017
I work in a school and I've just had an email from a company we occasionally buy from, saying that HP are a range of laptops with new AMD processors to compete with the intel i-series.

Whilst I understand the basics about CPUs - multi-core processing, threads, speed etc, I've only really got experience of the Intel models.

Can anyone explain a little about these new AMD processors and how they compare to the intel ones? We generally use i3s in desktops across school, and our most recent laptops have had i5s because the overall spec was the best value for what we needed. Should we be looking at the AMDs as alternatives?
Aug 27, 2018

the HP ur talking about im pretty sure has ryzen processors. TBH i forgot how they compare but Linus Tech Tips all ways has the answer. he makes vids about new tech and stuff (im not sponsored). as far as i remember i think that even the dual core i3 can compete with the ryzen 3 i think. so ur choice.


the new AMD CPU's are as good as if not barely slower than the Intel chips. for many years Intel had a higher instructions per clock than a similar AMD CPU. at the same speeds the Intel was faster and more efficient. when AMD released Ryzen the IPS reached near parity, and the AMD CPUs have much better integrated graphics than Intel as well.
AMD have also reduced the power consumption of their chips at the same time that they matched the IPC.

A few years ago I would have stated quickly and loudly do not look to AMD for a laptop. now though...
its a harder choice and I say look at them. post some specs and a price or two and we can be more specific

generic benchmarks. the following is only so you get the gist of how they stack up, results are a generalization only. keep in mind these are desktop parts.

as you can see the AMD's are typically cheaper and negligibly slower