Sep 10, 2011
Alright. I bought a premade computer from best buy and everything worked ok. I then purchased a new video card and power supply, instaled them and everything continued to work fine. I then purchased the antec nine hundread two case and moved everything into it and now nothing works. Moved everything back into my other case and nothing still works.

I have a corsair 700w psu, i7 cpu and a asus p8h67-pro motherboard. You can look at the specs from the best buy website. its the 849.99 i7 geforce 560 model.

Now i have done the breadboard thing i have heard about here and still nothing. I have only the 8 pin and 20-24 pin plugged in. The only way to turn on my psu and the fan to my cpu is by shorting it with a screw driver because one i plug in the POWER SW wire to the POWER SW connectors the power button on the case dosnt turn it on. but once i short it with the screwdriver the power button will turn everything off. I get no beeps or sounds and i get no reponse at all on my monitor. I have spent countless hours over the pat couple days researching this and it seems nobody has had the same problem. What should i do?


Feb 9, 2009
It's a good possibility that you might have shorted the board during the move. Does it at least beep when you remove all the ram? If it doesn't beep without any ram, then it's not even trying to post, which means the board is dead. There's like a 1 percent chance that it might be the CPU too.