New antique parts, do you think this will work???


Dec 23, 2008
Ok, I have my baby daughter's closet full of 'old' parts, and I have been ordered to clean out the closet. SO.......

Main stuff:
Intel D955XCS board
Pentium D 830
8GB OCZ Gold DDR2-800 RAM
two Radeon X1800GTO's hopefully put them in Crossfire

160GB HD
DVD+-RW optical drive
TT Golden Orb II cpu cooler
3.5 floppy
500W power supply
TT Aguila case
XP Pro x64

This stuff is old, but I think it should all work. My concern is the X1800GTO's. I read they don't need external connectors and for this card there doesn't have to be master card. The board won't take anything other than P4, D, or EE chips. Plus I am not buying anything. My junk pile has thinned out, and this is the last of it. I can't buy other stuff to add to it!
I don't know what my brother will use for, probably just internet, pictures, and video. He's not into games that much.
Easy to tell....simply check to see if the cards have the internal plugs on the side of them for the Crossfire bridges.
If the card does not have the 2 connectors for the internal Crossfire bridges, which I don't think your cards do, you must use the external dongle style connector.
Also, one of them must be a Crossfire "master" editon, the second card can be a regular edition.
If they do by chance have the internal Crossfire bridge connections, then all you need is the 2 bridges, and they should work. There is no master card if the card is this style.