New Asus P8Z68-V won\'t Post,VGA Led comes on


Nov 12, 2011

Asus P8Z68-V Motherboard stops half way through POST as VGA -Led comes on!

Hi I just built my 3 PC box, Yes the Big one for me, (My Dream PC ).

I Loaded Win 7 Pro on to SSD and then I put in the DVD Motherboard Disk to load Drivers
an at this piont after down loading Drivers ? the PC went through a Post Check, thats when the above problem happen, i could not get back into Bios/ Cmos, even aftyer taking out the battery ect, Could some one Please help me as to what to do?????

Motherboard/Asus P8Z68-V motherboard B3,
CPU-i7 2600K,
Memory/2X4 GB - Corsair CMX8GX3M2A1600C9 8GB,
Win 7 Pro 64bits with SP1 OEM,
Gigabite Geforce GTX 560 1GB Super overclock,
Asus DRW -24x DVDRW Light Scribe,

SSD - 120GB Kingston HyperX for OS
Seagate Barracuda Sata3 1TB.