New ATI HD 3800 To Support DX 10.1


Jan 9, 2005
DX 10.1 sounds pretty awesome. I especially like the standardization of the antialiasing. I wonder how long it will take games like Crysis, Bioshock and UT3 to offer patches once the new standard is out?


Feb 21, 2006
The Multi-Core sounds very interesting.
Especially if they can shut down 3 out of 4 cores when not gaming.
This would make it real nice for those who only game occassionally.


Jan 4, 2006
There is no way Bioshock or UT3 will receive a patch for Direct X10.1 and Crytek has specifically said they have no intention of supporting it.


Jun 8, 2007
254 new PC game titles are expected this fall, right and i have some ocean front property to sell you in the Nevada desert.

There are not half that amount in my software release book we sell software sound like they wrote 1 to 255 on a bunch of papers and pulled them from a hat lol.

Same goes for ps3 games they said there would be a flood released this fall seems more like a leaky faucet.



Aug 13, 2005
A twist from the notorious insult to people who bought Radeon 2XXX cards: I'm so sorry to see people buying Geforce 8800 GTS cards so early in the game...............SUCKA! LOL.


May 11, 2007
Did you not know that Antivirus software is really just a game. If you include all the 2008 editions coming out at the moment 254 games sounds about right. LOL.


Mar 6, 2005

You know anything else about the multi-core? I guess this means the 3800 is not multi-die.
Link please!


Jul 6, 2007

nah mostly it'll be new games that utilize 10.1 not patched up stuff


Mar 9, 2006

More forward thinking? Forward has come and gone; waiting on the future promises from DAMMIT is getting old. For the past year forward looking was DX10 and more so Crysis. Forward came and we already know how the ATI cards stack up. Don't take my word for it though, the market has already decided.

X-bit Labs

Nvidia Continues to Gain Graphics Market Share, AMD Keeps on Downfall – JPR.

My point isn't simply to bash them but this sounds like the promises leading up to the 2900. That story doesn't need to be retold we all know it. The bigger problem is that ATI is in less of a position to influence developers and and see their unique features being utilized. This is the same old story we've had for the past year with both GPU's and CPU's about some great new thing coming from DAMMIT. Generally the enthusiast community has moved on but I feel bad for the few who continue to buy into the waiting game and believe stuff like this:

You can be assured that tighter standards and cube maps with global illumination is a feature that will be the norm regardless of what marketing and PR you get from either graphic camp. D3D 10.1 is around the corner and AMD will be the first to launch hardware that is compliant with this new specification. When Vista service pack 1 rolls out will you be ready for the games that support DX 10.1 or not?
Name me one example of a game coming to market where the above statement applies.
I know my comments all sound anti ATI but it is more out of frustration in watching them piss away the position they've held.

Do you have that quote?

Actually I don't think he said they had no intention of supporting it, it just wasn't currently in the game. And this reply came after the discussion of future friendly features not yet exposed. But from everything I've read sofar he wasn't so blunt to say they had no intention of supporting it, that would imply they will never patch it, which is strange for a company that brought out 3 patches to add features to FarCry (SM3.0, SM2.0b geometry instancing, HDR+FSAA).

I would say it won't be anything soon, but I wouldn't say it won't be a future option they would end up supporting.

Why would you feel sorry for them? They got a damn fine card that outlasted a competitors release. If you bought it last week, probably not wise, if you bought it when they launched they were great cards, and were good purchase up til about 2 months ago when we first learned of these two options from Green and also Green.

There's always going to be something better, butthe question is how soon and can you make the most of what you buy. It's not like either of these card make the GF8800GTS obsolete, just no longer the same value ratio.


Aug 7, 2006
There are very few dx 10 only games so you think there will be alot of dx 10.1 games? 8800gts is still a good card. will probably last another year or two. Dx 10 wont be fully utilized for a while.


Oct 28, 2007
man they were revieing the 8800gt in 1600 by 1200 i only game at 1200 by 1000 that card is probably so badass as at 1400 also...



Exactly, and I bet he will say "suckas" to those who buy an 8800GT now and find that the 9800GTX is better. Well.... duh, it's newer and it came out later :sleep:


Sep 7, 2007
so whats better than anti-aliasing as standard in dx 10.1?
iam planing stick with XP until Vista is more....optimised, is the 8800gt or does 3800 thats better / faster + does it lables XT or PRO?


Mar 20, 2006
SO whats wrong with a level playing field when it comes to AA.this was one of the things that Microsoft was talking about that would be one of the great things about Vista at first release.Now its a .1 of directX 10.Before AMD bought ATI ,ATI was talking about that very same playing field along with using a 3rd card for physics.Now this is my take,Microsoft wanted to get its lame duck Vista out the door because it was taking so long and figure just patch it later.Nvidia just cant do 10.1 just yet and still working on it ,TYIMTBP (the way its ment to be played) is bs and we all lose from this.I don't think the 3800 will beat the 8800gt one on one but with four,I think it will fall between the tri SLI gtx and Ultra at a better price point


Jul 28, 2006
Did anyone actually look at the benchmarks for the 8800GT? or the test set-up? Nvidia cards suck in Vista with DX10 games. The 8800 line of cards performed excellently in WinXp. They beefed up the performance in the graphics standard on it's way out, and added token support for DX10 just to be able to say they have the fastest DX10 card long as you don't try to use it in vista..with DX10 games...or anything in vista if you want to run SLI cause they can't seem to get that working.

The 2900xt took #1 in World in conflict over the GTX
#2 in UT3 behind the GTX by only 8-13FPS
#3 in crysis behind the GTX and GT in which there is 2-8fps difference between the GTX and 2900, and 2-5fps between the GT and 2900, though the 2900 still does 15.4fps compared to the GT's 6.5..The GTX had a proud lead with 18fps...really justifies the extra $250.

The 2900xt plays crysis perfectly fine in 1280x1024 with everythin very high and 4xAA in DX10, haven't seen it dip below 30fps. But hey why would nvidia want to benchmark a DX10 game, on their new DX10 DX10.

The 8800GT has a 256 mem bus width and memory bandwidth of 57.6 GB/s compared with the 8800GTS 320 which has 320 mem bus width and dus 64GB/s bandwidth. Aside from that the 8800GT is faster in every other area as well as having a 65nm core compared with the 8800gts' 90nm and the 2900xt's 80nm. But the GTS still wins out in most area's...

But then ATI is coming out with it's DX10.1 card in 2 weeks, which boasts a 55nm core. ATI has already taken away nvidia's DX9 "untouchable" lead. Nvidia never had anything good to say about DX10 performance..which is why they won't bench anything that supports it..where as ATI exceled in DX10.

The only people that complain about Vista are people that use an intel cpu and nvidia gpu. They didn't want to make progress...they want to capitilize on old crap that's been polished up. Which is why microsoft worked with AMD to ensure their cpu's were optimized for vista...gee, i wonder if any of that partnership benfited ATI...oh wait that's still AMD.
Their release dates are 2 weeks apart, and that's not 'on schedule'?
I think they miss an opprotunity by not picking the week before the Crysis launch, but this is pretty much as on schedule as it gets for the graphics side of the equation, they supposedly moved the release date forward to hit the 15ht.

There hasn't been major releases this close together since the X800/GF6800 era.

Not anymore they don't. nVidia is doing pretty wel with Vista and DX10 these days.

The only people that complain about Vista are people that use an intel cpu and nvidia gpu.
Nah, I've got an intel PCU but AMD/ATi graphics chip, and yet VISTA's more of a headache than it's worth and the minute after I test DX10 features in Crysis I'm blowing out Vista and putting XP back in it's place. Vista is taking longer than XP to fix their driver situation, still has alot of compatability/feature issues compared to XP, and overall hasn't got a single compelling reason to upgrade from XP other that the more minor features like DX!0 and a few tweaks here and there. I don't hate VISTA but it's definitely still not ready for prime-time, especially when it comes to HD acceleratin and all the features/support I need for audio/video, and some of that is problem with the AMD side of the equation, and the realtek and Creative side as well, but sofar the only issue I've had was a since patched issue with Turbo Memory.

So really I think the problem in the equation is not exclusive to intel, nV or AMD, the problem seems pretty exclusive to VISTA most of the times, especially since under the similar configuration it works nearly flawlessly under XP.

I know there's growing pains, but we are nearing the 1 year anniversary, and I was happier with XP at 1 year despite the driver issues and such, than I am with Vista at this point. But that may be because we were moving from our W98SE & Win2K dual boot sitution to XP and the benifits outwieghed the negatives. Sofar there aren't enough benefits in VISTA that I've seen.


I have a Intel CPU and a ATI Graphics Card(its not a AMD/ATI card since this was designed prior to AMDs take over) and run Vista Premium. I for one have yet to have any problems with Vista. My drivers have all run great. Hell I have benched my set up and have barely gotten 500 difference in 3DMark05 than a similar setup in XP and games run great.

Other than that what I don't understand is how DX 9.0 support was universal. So if you bought a DX 9.0 card it still supported 9.0A-9.0C yet the DX 10 cards won't support DX 10.1? Sounds weird to me.

Anyways, I think you can already set up a Crossfire and have one do physics but I prefer the games that use dual/quad core CPUs to run the physics as it gives a reason for multi-cored CPUs.