Question New Audio Device Not Detected


Jan 13, 2015

I bought a Razer Headset but when I plug it in, my computer doesn't respond or recognise any changes to I/O devices.

I'm using a input/output splitter cable. I've also tried plugging the headset cable directly into the audio jack of my computer without the splitter cable.

Nothing new appears in the Device Manager under audio input/output devices. Nothing appears under Playback Devices or Recording devices under the Windows Sound settings (I made sure that show disabled devices is enabled). Nothing appears in Sound Settings either. Nothing appears in Synapse under devices.

I've tried restarting, uninstalling my existing audio devices and restarting, checking for Synapse updates, re-installing the older version of Synapse. I tried using the Kraken X on a laptop and it worked although playback happened through an existing RealTek audio output device and no new devices appeared in Windows (I guess some kind of manager because it's a laptop). I don't really know what else I can try.

I have a USB headset that works, and I have some speakers that use a USB and audio output cable (plugged into the same audio output socket as the Kraken headset) and these work fine.

I would try to manually install audio drivers, but Razer Synapse is the driver manager for the headset and it doesn't recognise the device. Attempts to find drivers online results in me being directed to Synapse.

I know the audio output jack works because my speakers use it. The only difference is, all other devices I use have a USB cable. This one doesn't and Windows doesn't think anything is plugged in. Any ideas? I'm going to order a USB converter in the meantime.


Since trying to get the headset to work, my speakers have stopped working as well (plugging in my speakers into the audio output doesn't work, nothing picked up by Windows).
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