Question New B560 Pro4, i5 11400F with CPU Cooler, red CPU and DRAM Lights

Jun 14, 2021

I got a brand new motherboard (AS Rock B560 Pro4), cpu cooler (Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black) and CPU (i5 11400F).

Everything turns on, Case Fan turns, CPU Cooler Fan turns, power light is on, but no Signal on Screen.
I connect via HDMI on my Radeon R9 380x.

The DRAM and CPU error light on the Motherboard is on ( I assume these are error lights, I don't know actually), manual says these are Post Status Checker Lights.

I reassembled everything about 5 times, except CPU and Cooler, this I only did twice.

RAM is in tight, CPU is aligned correctly.
Would be super cool if someone knows what's wrong.
Is it possible the motherboard is faulty?

thank you!

edit: update
I tried putting the old motherboard back in, which still has the old cpu attached,
same issue now, no signal on screen if connected to motherboard hdmi or gpu hdmi both.
fans are all turning and power light is on
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