Question New BSODs while playing Games, attaching minidumps, requesting help

Sep 13, 2020
I got two consecutive BSODs after playing a game of Dota2, did not get these specifics codes ever before. One was in game and the other after restarting the PC and launching the game.

My system specs are as follows.

These are the two minidumps, any help would be great.

PC Tailor

I have run the dump file(s) and you can see the full report(s) in the link below.
If you are prompted to "Run only if trusted" simply click play/run and the html will be viewed. This warning is always present.



Summary of findings:
Bug check 0xA is usually caused by kernel mode device drivers using improper addresses. This is either a bad memory pointer or a pageability problem with the device driver code. Examine the third party drivers .

Check the System Log in Event Viewer for additional error messages that might help pinpoint the device or driver that is causing the error. For more information, see Open Event Viewer. Look for critical errors in the system log that occurred in the same time window as the blue screen.

This indicates that a kernel-mode driver attempted to access pageable memory while the process IRQL that was too high

Typically this is driver based, as it is when a module tries to access an invalid address when the IRQL is too high. If a driver responsible for the error can be identified, its name is printed on the blue screen and stored in memory at the location (PUNICODE_STRING) KiBugCheckDriver. It is recommended that you view the third party modules to see which drivers may be misbehaving.
All I would start off with initially is ensuring you have the latest AMD chipset drivers as your AMD processor driver appeared to cause an issue in one of the dump files. Link is here:
Sep 13, 2020

I've made two changes and no BSODs so far. I know that the time since the last BSOD and their frequency is low, but till the time I don't get a new one, these are the fixes that may help you too.

  1. Used DDU to clean install the latest version of GPU drivers
  2. Changed the Start value from 3 to 4 in amdppm.sys. in Regedit