New budget Computer build


Jun 11, 2012
I'm looking to stream starcraft 2, and I am only on a 650$ budget. I know it is not that much but I feel it will get the job done. I don't need maxed out super quality settings HD stream.

i5-3550 & Team Vulcan 2x4GB DDR3-1600 1.5v $240.98

ASRock B75 Pro3 ATX & Cooler Master Elite 311 ATX Mid Tower $114.98 (104.98AMIR)

EVGA GTX 460 $134.99 (114.99AMIR)

DVD Burner $16.99

Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB & PC Power and Cooling Mark III 450w 80+ Bronze Modular PSU $137.98 (117.98AMIR)

Total: $645.92 ($595.92AMIR)

That is the build I am looking at for now...

i have a 430 GT video card and a windows XP cd I can use.

Side note - Would it be more optimal to keep the current graphics card and use it on W7 or a better PSU?

Any help is good :) Ty