New budget gaming keyboard/mice/etc.


Mar 2, 2016
so i can't find what to upgrade and to what, the mouse or the KB
For keyboard i would like a glowing one, mechanical if possible, macro keys
For mouse a glowing one if possible, weight adjustable, macro keys, +4000 DPI or adjustable grip
i will mostly play a HUGE variety of things, but mostly things like skyrim, terraria, GTA V, Fallout and maybe some RPG and RTS
for the mouse i was looking at a ROCCAT KONE XTD, it fits the adjustable weight, color RGB and great DPI, but also i was going for the oroubros elite, it has adjustable grips
for the keyboard i don't got solid options yet
what should i upgrade? i mostly got a vorago kb500 and an eagle warrior g13

i prefer:
shop in mexico
doesn't adds exagerated amounts of money to ship to mexico
from those pages:
it's under 100 U$D
1) You will NOT get mechanical keyboard+mouse for under $100 in the US, let alone in other countries
2) Try Steelseries Apex + Logitech G502, you might be able to find it on sale for about that much, and both have macros