New build - adding new SSD


Apr 2, 2012
I just built my very first computer and decided to use a 64GB ssd. I am already finding that it will not be large enough for what I want so I am looking to buy ocz agility 120gb s3 ssd. I have the seagate barracude 500gb hd installed right now. My mobo, asrock pro3gen3, only has 2 sata 3. Should I just hook up both ssd into sata3 and then use sata2 for hdd? Will I notice a huge performance loss? Thanks.
The Agility III will not make a diff if on SATA II or SATA III in real life day-to-day performance. This was reported in one review plus I confirmed it on My system (an i5-2500k) as I have a pair of the 128 gig Agility IIIs.

But since you have a spare Sata III port, might as well put it on there.

In my i5-2500k I current have a 128 gig Samsung 830 on sata III (it replaced a 120 gig Agility III) - OS + Program drive, and on the second intel port I have a 120 gig agility III as a "storage" drive - put my most often used files there