Mar 11, 2010
Gaming PC, Win 7x64, Future SLI system, I don't plan to OC anything but the CPU (and only to a small degree).

Budget is... well basically I don't wanna sacrifice on parts and I don't have much more to spend than 900ish. Build as-is stands at about 900ish after rebates.

Note- I already have a SSD for OS and a 1TB WD-Caviar black for storage, as well as a 1000watt power sup.

Case (I wanted a solid case with good air flow but didnt want to spend 200+ for a nice HAF full tower)

GPU Cheapest 570 I could find. There was a refurb with only a 3 month warranty for 30 less, figured I'd stick new.

RAM Fast, timings not as tight as I'd like, but the speed should more than make up for it. prefer 4g sticks for future upgrades

CPU/MoBo combo deal. Love the cpu, mobo... eh....

CPU fan cheap. good ratings.

then a $60 blu-ray burner because I will be watching movies/possibly backing up large video's/home movies. And 10 for some arctic silver.

I think the build looks solid, but I always like a second opinion.


Jul 26, 2009
1600MHz C9 ram is plenty good and it's only $60.

Don't worry about the Arctic Silver...the stuff that comes with the Hyper 212+ is good enough.

Good CPU/Mobo combo. The mobo might be eh, but it will do what you need.

EDIT: The HAF 932 Advanced isn't too much more expensive...Also, have you looked at the Silverstone Raven RV03? You'd have to measure your PSU to make sure it will fit.