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Question New build audio-deSync

May 31, 2020
So I finally made the jump and built an entirely new pc from scratch to make a substantial upgrade from my last setup.

New setup specs are:

Gpu: Gigabyte geforce RTX 2070 super gaming OC 8g graphics card, 3x windforce fans, 8gb

Ram: G skill trident z rgb series 2x 8gb 3200

Mobo: Gigabyte z390 aorus master

Cpu: Intel i7 9700k

Cooler: Corsair hydro series h60 aio

Case: nzxt h510i

Psu: evga gold 750w modular

(Nothing is overclocked btw)

Upon watching twitch streams or YouTube videos, my computer slowly loses audio sync with the video. It gets worse and worse as I leave something up, noticable within 5 minutes, then to the point where after 15+ min it’s entirely unwatchable. I’ve researched this problem to no end on the internet and found various things that people claim worked for them but everything I’ve tried never worked. The only manageable part of this is that it doesn’t happen in games. I’ve tried messing with the browser settings and trying all 4 different browsers, turning off hardware accel etc. nothing works.

For a lot of people turning their fast boot off in windows and bios made it go away for them. Didn’t work for me. I must mention this only seems to happen when I run multiple displays. I have 3 monitors , primary is asus rog swift xg258 240hz monitor, the other two are old aoc 60hz monitors just used for secondary monitors. I had thought I finally figured it out realizing that it may be the differential in refresh rates causing it. When I turned my 240hz to 60hz to match my others it seemed to fix it. But then it started happening again still, even on 60hz.

I tried buying an adapter as a work around for my headset, going from instead of 3.5 mil right to my line in, I got a usbc adapter to 3.5 to try that and it still happens. I've tried turning off fast boot in windows and bios.

The most frustrating thing about this all is that my old pc which was crap compared to this, never had this issue even with all 3 monitors and different refresh rates. Old pc was an i5, nvidia970, 16gb ram with an old gigabyte mobo.

I’ve messed with the audio drives, checked for updates, uninstall, re-install, using realtek, not using realtek etc. Even though i've seen quite a few threads listing my exact problem across different sites, i've tried everything recommended in those those and still nothing.

I’m desperate for an answer considering I can’t watch my main forms of entertainment on my new shiny expensive computer. The only thing I haven’t tried is a fresh windows install which I’m just trying to avoid but may have to end up trying. I would just be so mad if that didn’t fix it either.

Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated, thanks guys.