Question New build, BIOS is opening older layout or MSI Click BIOS instead of the newest. Why would this be?

Jul 3, 2019
Hi there, recently built my first PC and have been setting it up here. I watched Paul's Hardware on how to build a gaming PC in 2019 and watched through the system configuration. We have the exact same motherboard (B450 Tomahawk) yet his MSI Click Bios is version 5 and is a red color/very easy to navigate. When I boot up my PC and enter into the BIOS it is a grey color and appears to be a much older version

I had to perform a BIOS flashback to ensure my 3rd gen Ryzen card would work and have checked that I do have the latest version installed.

Is there a reason why my version would be different than what I saw and from what I can see most people using? I'm a computer noob so navigating the older BIOS is kinda difficult and any guide seems to be on how to navigate MSI Click BIOS 5.