Question New Build but waiting on PSU


Apr 25, 2015
I've put together a few computers over the years but always had everything before I started installing. I have everything now for a new build except the PSU.

I also have all the cables for the PSU. (from a lower wattage PSU) same brand.
I planned on connecting all the power cables and hanging them out the back of the case where the PSU goes while waiting on the PSU.

My questions are "can I safely install eveything and wait a week for the PSU? or should I wait?"
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I sort of agree as it's possible to damage parts (Jayz2cents killed an SSD even though the cable plugged into the PSU fine the voltages were on the wrong wires), though there should be a way to confirm they work... though if they aren't MODDED cables and just BLACK cables I don't see the point of jumping the gun on this anyway.

Cable management for just the PSU really doesn't take that long, and usually you start on the PSU side so the tension and layout makes the most sense.

You can however "safely install everything" no problem since you won't be turning it on without a PSU. I'm confused... what would NOT be safe about that?

Anyway, I get you're excited or whatever but I'd just wait. You're saving what, five minutes?