New Build, Can't Choose a motherboard due to layouts


Jul 2, 2007
Hello all and thanks for reading.

What the heck is the problem with these companies. They Make SLI boards
that waste PCI slots ! It makes me sick ! What is the point of haveing making them SLI when you dont think about cards that take 2 slots up.
The placement is what kills me the most. Why not put the slots pcie16, pcie1,pcie16,pcie1 or 4,pci,pci,pci !

I've been looking around for any 775 or AM2 boards that will not waste a slot with 2 8800gts cards. I dont care about pcie1 or 4 cuz they arent much use yet. To me at least.

So what I'm asking of you guys is to find a board with full speed 16xPCIE slots that wont waste a PCI slot when SLI is in use.

I believe the only full speed 16x slots for AM2 use the 590 chip set. I dont know about the Intel boards cuz I had my mind set on building an e6600 system but there isnt much difference bettween the e6600 and x2 5600+ in the apps and games ill be playing. Mite as well use the extra cash on another part. Namely the Kandelf case.
Its hot :D but havent made up my mind about overclocking yet.
Hope some one can find one, im sure there are others that feel the same way as I do about this stupidity.



Dec 17, 2003
Most of then are variations on the nVidia reference design layout & that's how it is.
how about the DFI 680i LT though, it's a bit different?

Again the DFI LP UT NF590SLI-M2R/G may be the closest AM2 to what you want layout wise.