Question New build centered around the next Nvidia cards

Oct 27, 2019
Hello, first post here, although I’ve been coming to this site for many years.

I’ve built a couple of systems in the past and looking at building my next one in the near future. It’s been 8 years since I upgraded, so I’m long overdue. The computer will be for gaming and some streaming, no 3D rendering or other “professional” sort of work. It’ll be a whole new machine; monitor, peripherals etc…I’ve mostly decided that I’m going to build it around the top end card in the next generation of Nvidea cards that are expected out next year (the 3080ti or whatever they name it). I’m planning to spend around $5000 on the machine, but don’t have a strict budget (~1000 monitor, ~1500 videocard, ~500 CPU etc). I’ve been thinking about starting to buy components during the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas sales in the next 2 months – both for the deals and because my current machine still has Windows 7, which won’t have support past New Years. My thought is to build the machine and just put my current video card in it until the new Nvidea cards come out sometime next year.

The thing I am a little worried about and could use advice on, is if the hardware I buy in the next month might handicap the new videocard when it comes out? If I buy a high end motherboard, CPU etc today, will it be likely to limit the performance of a new videocard next year?

Thank you for your help!


doubtful. generally speaking CPU performance is not on as fast a pace as GPU. My ancient CPU is running with a much newer GPU and they are balanced nicely. keyword here is balance. if you get an i3-6100 yeah bottleneck hard, but the right CPU from the off a ryzen 1800x or better/ 7700k or above would pair nicely even with next years newest GPU.

this has historically been the case and feel safe saying it.

and welcome to the forums. :D