New Build Compatibility Question


Jul 6, 2008
Hi I wanna make a new computer build and i wanna know if this parts are 100% compatible to each other and would work after putting it altogether thanks!

Mobo: evga 750i 123-YW-E175-A1-2 2-way SLI
CPU: Intel C2Q Q8200 2.33Ghz
RAM:Corsair XMS2 TWIN2X2048-6400
PSU: Corsair 650W
GFX card: eVGA GTS 250
HDD: 500Gb Seagate

I just wanna know if all of this parts are 100% compatible to each other and will function the way it should if put altogether without any problems of incompatibility. thanks!
yes it will run , but if you intend to use it for gaming your combination of parts is probably not the best value .

nVidia chipset motherboards have a reputation for being flakey , and not being good overclockers

And SLI is not a good value . Even as a future upgrade .

Generally you'd be better off with a mb with an intel p43 or p45 chipset .

The other issue is that game performance on almost all games is run from a single core on the processor . You are better off with a Core 2 Duo like the e8400 than the quad you have picked

Lastly stay well away from seagate 7200.11 series hard drives . They are fast but they had major issues . Look at WD black series or Samsung IMO