New Build CPU Question


Feb 12, 2009
MSI P45 NEO2 mobo
PNY 8800GT video card
OZC 4g memory
Intel 9550, Quad-Core, 2.66ghz
Windows XP (for now)

I just noticed something that concerns me about my cpu, it is supposed to be 2.66ghz. In BIOS it reads 2.66 but when I checked my properties on my computer under the OS it showed that it was 1.08ghz. This is a new build and I know a little bit about computers, but this has me confused to a point. I installed a program called Dual-Core Center, which is from MSI and it is supposed to make overclocking easier. I checked in this program and it shows that my cpu is at 1.08ghz as well. I do not want to overclock, I just want the stock potential of my cpu to be where it is supposed to be. How do I change my cpu speed to the stock 2.66ghz that it is supposed to be?
Put a load on the CPU using prime95 or something similar and it should go to full speed. It does seem a little strange that it's going clear down to 1GHz, though. Normally speedstep lowers the multiplier to 6 which would be 2GHz for this 1333 FSB chip (6 * 333).