Question New build crashes/freezes whilst gaming ?

Jan 24, 2021
Hello everyone,

I've just built a new pc and I'm facing freeze while gaming for only few minutes. By freeze, I mean that the screen is locked, as well as the mouse and keyboard, I can't go back return to Windows (no BSOD). The only way is to shutdown the system manually .

Here are my specs :

Motherboard : Asus tuf gaming z490 plus : updated to 1208 version
CPU : i5 10600k CPU cooler : darck rock slim
GPU : RTX 3060 Ti (MSI Ventus 2X)
RAM : 2x8 3600Mhz ballistix from curcial on slot A2 and B2 (optimal slots according to MB), XMP disabled, so they are running at 2666Mhz.
SSD : WD Blue SN550 1To with windows on it
PSU : RM650 gold modular

I got two fans intake and one exhaust, thermals are good (GPU=69-70° and CPU=51°) when crash occured.

From now, I have done multiple tests to find the error.

I have all the drivers up to date (also the MB).

I have checked for dump files, nothing has been found by WhoCrashed.

In Nvidia control panel, I have put maximal performances in the power management settings.

I have tried to uninstall GPU with DDU in safe mode and then reinstall only the drivers (without Nvidia sound, physX...).

I ran memtest86 with the two ram slots, it crashed after 5 minutes (same freeze as before, but I couldn't see any errors on the locked screen). So I decided to run memtest86 for each slot (A2 and B2) with only one stick. No errors. I tried again with two slots and without the GPU, no crash either.

I ran Heaven, it crashed in less than 10 minutes, but when I plug two cables , it has run more than 30 minutes without any crash.

I have checked with OCCT the power. During "power stress mode" (during only 5 minutes, I red it can be quite intense), GPU is around 200W, and CPU 120W.

I would really appreciate some help now that I have been through almost all forums.

Thanks in advance.