Question New Build crashes games ?

Jul 30, 2022
Just finished a new build 2 weeks ago. Have not had a single game crash (forza, AC Valhalla, Cyber punk, Track Mania) then my new 6950XT came to replace my old Titan X Pascal.
I DDU the Nvidia Drivers install the new GPU, installed latest AMD drivers and now no games work.
When I start up AC Valhalla it screams for mercy of what sounds like coil whine. At first I thought it was my GPU but it seems to be from the PSU. Then I can launch the game for 25 seconds and it crashes. Forza Horizon 5 won’t even launch (memory error). Cyber punk plays for a few mins longer.

It runs time spy Extreme just fine and no whine. Also runs furmark just fine and no whine.

My Titan X plays the games just fine (no crashes or Coil wine.

To Note coil wine is very very loud in AC Valhalla even when just launching the game

Case: Lian Li 011 Mini
CPU: 12700K
RAM: Dominator 32GB 5600
MB: Asus Strix Z 690 E
GPU: Powercolor 6950XT
PSU: Cooler Master SFX 850V2
AIO: NZXT Kraken

Is this a case of bad GPU or a case of not enough PSU? Bad PSU? Love the case hate that I’m stuck using a SFX PSU.

Any trouble suggestions would be great.
I’m at the point of returning 6950XT and trying a 6900xt or 3080 12G.

Thank you!