Question New build crashing when loading COD

Jan 11, 2021
Hello all,

Just finished a new build:
Ryzen 5 5600X
Asus ROG RTC3070
Asus ROG B-550-F motherboard
Corsair 2x16gb DDR4 3600
Gamemax 850W power supply

Used a corsair 4000D case and have added 3* Fans to it.

We got it set up and running most things and then wanted to run COD Warzone.
As soon as I start the game the CPU instantly goes to a 100%. The temperature goes up, but not higher than 60°.
It'll go to the intro and then simply dies. PC restarts and nothing.

We've checked drivers. We've adapted all the fan speeds, nothing is running too hot.
We can a stress test.. all good too.

We've run CS go and Dota 2 without issues.

Is there anything that we are missing that could cause this?
Dec 15, 2020
It wouldnt necessarily cause this but menu screens are often very poorly optimised/controlled. Make sure to limit the menu FPS to something like 40/50 if indeed you can get to that stage.

As said above, first step would be reinstalling or at the very least verifying COD files. Then download/install chipset/BIOS latest versions. Also check RAM, GPU etc is correctly seated. If all above checks out I would personally start suspecting the power supply. I recently checked out my very similar system by running a 100% GPU stress test alongside prime95 smallest FFTs. Temps were good, 100% util on each so i discounted my PSU for my particular issue.