New build decisions decisions plz help



Im bout to do a new build but not sure what to go for can you guys help. Its between:

phenom 1100t
nvidia 460 Sli
850w psu
1980x1050 res monitor

or a

intel 2500k
nvidia 570
1980x1050 res monitor

all i will be doing is mainly gaming and surfing the net.
i just wanna get the best for my money the phenom is working out cheaper but not sure whether to stretch my budget and get the intel plz help me decide thx.



You don't need an 850 watt PSU, a 750 will be more than enough. Actually in some cases a 600 will be more than enough, depends ultimately on things like how many graphics cards, HDs, drives, fans, and so on you want to run in the long run.

I like both CPUs but I'd personally choose the 2500K over the Phenom II. What kind of motherboard do you run, or are planning to get? That would make a lot of difference in the decision.

Don't get a 460 SLI build - the 460 is old and outdated. If you insist on going NVIDIA, you don't need that or a 570, most games will barely max out a 560 right now. Have you considered looking at ATI/AMD cards like the 6800 or 6900?