New build displays nothing


Aug 25, 2011
Hey everyone I recently built my first computer amd more I have a problem the computer powers on but whenever I connect a monitor it displays nothing so far I have tested multiple monitors with no luck all the fans work including cpu fan cd rom drive opens just fine and I hear hd start but can't tell, ovet the fans if it is actually running. Although I do have another video card I'm testing with the integrated card because I haven't bought monitor with a hdmi connection yet my build is as follows:

Asus m5a78l-lx am 3+ mobo
Radeon 5670
Western digital black caviar hd
Athlon II rana 450
Antec 550w psu

I've been working on this for days any help would be greatly appreciated and I did look through the my pc won't boot up thread here and as far as I can tell none of those things seemed to be a problem amd as a side note when I connect the ps2 keyboard none of the lights come on it either