Question New build fans don't work, just blinking light on mobo

Apr 12, 2020
I got a new case and started building and when I was done I tried to turn it on and only got a blinking light on the chipset. So I took everything out put the board on a box and tried hooking up just the psu to mobo and psu fan would not run just a blinking light again I made sure the 24 pin was seated al the way and the 8 pin CPU. I then hooked up psu to another computer I have and it works just fine so I know PSU and the wires are working. I even went and got a new mobo and on that one same thing blinking light no power up, no psu fan. So I figured it was my CPU I looked at it and noticed I had a couple bent pins so I got a needle and ran them through the rows and straightened them I put CPU back in and still no fans working just a blinking light under the chipset. I tried with/ without gpu I tried with one memory, 2 memory and no memory same result. I also noticed that when I took the 24 pin and barely touched to the socket the fans would all kick on and then I would here a bunch of clicking and the lights would flicker with the clicking but when seated all the way in the fans would stop and then back to just light on mobo blinking again.
What is going on here I have looked at every thread on here and did everything that others suggested but to no avail. Could it be that my CPU is just dead. Even if I don't put my CPU in and just plug the psu to mobo nothing works. I also put everything back in my original case and it no longer worked and got the same results as above.

My build:
CPU-amd ryzen 7 1700
Mobo-asrock x370 killer ski
PSU-thermaltake toughpower 80 plus gold 750w
GPU- MSI gforce gtx 1050
Case-NZXT H510B-W1
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