New build for a customer - Double checking ideas.


Mar 30, 2010
Building a computer for 3d modelling and gaming. It'll be a computer that will be built-and-ready for the new AMD CPU's. She wants the AMD FX-Series FX-8150 (3.6GHz, 8-Core) and I'll be building the computer around that idea.

My first question centers around cooling the CPU. I heard that they might be bundling self-contained watercooling systems with the processors. My customer is quite tech-friendly, just worried about putting this much money together herself. I really want to do a water cooling system like the H100, but I can't figure out if the new FX-Series will fit the H100, or should I wait out for a bundled water cooler and CPU?

Here is a link to the build I put together, I will also be shopping around the internet for cheaper prices, so if you know you can get a part cheaper somewhere, please link me.

Newegg List
+AMD FX-Series FX-8150 (3.6GHz, 8-Core)
+Watercooling for the AMD FX-Series
+EVGA 590 (Fermi) Hydro Copper 2 (Dual GPU Watercooled Gfx Card)
I have the H50... I saw the new H100 and question where the fan set will go. On my H50 I added a second fan, they are stacked with 1 on the CPU fan controller and the other speed switchable. My i7-2600k OC'd to 4.4 runs at 47 - 49C in game. The switch fan is on medium only.

From Corsair:

Package Contents

Corsair Cooling H100 CPU Cooler
Two 120mm fans
Multi-platform mounting kit (Intel ® LGA 1366, 1155, 1156, and 775, AMD® AM2/AM3) <<<<<< -- looked on NewEgg for your listed CPU, did not see it...
Thermal compound (pre-applied)