Sep 28, 2011
My current build (AMD) that a friend helped me with about 3 years ago has produced more frustration than I want to admit. In the beginning we had constant issue with videos drivers, now it just locks randomly at almost anything. A few nights ago, I just wanted to play a home video and after about 5 reboots from locking, we never could watch it...

This is primarily for my wife/family. We take alot of pictures and use Photoshop and Lightroom. The storage needs are high with HD home videos and lots of pictures. Right now, we have the 500GB internal drives.

Photoshop performs better with a separate scratch disk so I would like at least one disk for that. 3-4 disks would be ideal. One for OS and apps, one for scratch disk and misc, two for storage.

I have considered just getting a external eSata drive enclosure for storage in a RAID configuration for some redundancy beyond the online backup.

Have any suggestions? My needs are a little different than the typical gaming PC.... Thanks!

Approximate Purchase Date: withing a few weeks

Budget Range: Under 1000, 750 would be nice.

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Picture and video editing

Parts Not Required: monitor, speakers, mouse

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg or tigerdirect

Country of Origin: US

Parts Preferences: Likely Intel as it appears to perform better with Photoshop.

Overclocking: I don't know if overclocking helps with my use

SLI or Crossfire: I don't have any idea

Monitor Resolution:

Additional Comments: This is a family PC. Just basic looks is fine. No bling needed.