[New Build] Freezing


Oct 7, 2011
I recently bought a used tower with everything included except for a video card and HDD which I supplied myself video card being my old one and hdd brand new. After setting everything up it ran smoothly for awhile but now suffers from random freezing, it doesn't blue screen just freezes on my current window sometimes with the sound stuttering. I've tested out the video card and hdd in another computer with it not crashing so I'm starting to be convinced it's the motherboard can someone confirm or help my theory before I go and waste money? Also have switched out RAM btw.

P.S: it almost seems to be cutting outmore if I'm watching a live stream like on twitch tv but like i said it does it any time so its probably just me imagining it thought I'd add it in though.

Operating system win7
graphics card ATI radeon hd 5770
Hdd: seagate 1tb
ram: DDR2 8gb
Quad core proc 2.4 3.00 ghz
Motherboard: ASUS P5Q or P5K
PSU:500W Antec
any other information needed just ask

getting really desperate = \