(New Build) Fx 8320 or i5 3570 for my PSU?


Jan 17, 2012
Hello guys,

I am upgrading my system which is a 2006 build.

Present specs:

Core 2 Duo @2.2ghz
Ram 2gb DDR2 @667mhz

Mobo: Gigabyte GA775 945GM S2
PSU: Generic 300 Watts
No Gpu using integrated one.

What i plan:

I already have got a Corsair CX430V2UK psu + Xfx 6750 graphics card and 1tb WD Green HDD + 160gb WD HDD + Corsair Vengenace 4gb @1600mhz

Now i am confused between what processor i should go for and if my psu can handle it.


Watching Movies
Gaming (i want to play latest games at respectable fps around 40)
Video Encoding (amateur)
No SLI or Crossfire
No overclocking

I have a monitor with native res 1400x900 which i wont upgrade for 2 years or more.


Which processor should i go for?

AMD one is cheaper by 50bucks then i5.. and got more punch but idk if my psu can handle it.

But the mobo choice for i5 is good and i found this Link: http://www.flipkart.com/gigabyte-ga-b75m-d3h-motherboard/p/itmdacp36gegyeqt?pid=MBDDACP2GUBGFPFM&ref=27282a79-5aa8-4f8c-a96d-9eb0d8b23d6b&srno=m_1_1&otracker=from-search
for under 100$ with USb 3.0 Sata 3 and 32gb ram support.

I need advice on a good mobo for AMD (if suggested) under 100$.

So what you guys think? :)

PS: I can disable some cores on AMD to save power (if possible) until i can get a better gpu cuz cor me its a bigger upgrade from core 2 duo even after all pruning.


May 6, 2013
The FX will work most probably, but even if that wasn't the case then you could get a new PSU and still be the same price as the i5. If you plan on overclocking then the FX is way superior.

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