Question New build game stutter and Afterburner issues

Oct 25, 2020
I just did a upgrade overhaul on my gaming PC and am having multiple odd issues. With having replaced over half the PC, I did a clean install of Windows to avoid conflicing drivers and firmware.
Playing at 1080p I am getting very high fps in most titles, but some are having bad stuttering and frame dips. Fortnite being the worst. I average near 300fps but get constant dips to around 50-80 making it very annoying to play. I usually play with vsync at 165hz, but the dips still occur.
Also I cannot get the OSD on MSI afterburner to show. I have been using the application for years and have installed it on several systems but cannot figure out why it won't show now. I tried disabling every overlay I can find as recommended in other threads.

System specs:
Ryzen 5800x
32gb 3200 DDR4
Asus TUF B550m
RTX 3070 fe
1TB m.2 SSD
850w Gold psu
Acer 1080p 165hz monitor
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Feb 25, 2021
I got same... Im finding fix for half year now.... I got whole new pc... Just my HDD was from older pc. Did u tried playing CSGO? Csgo and fortnite stutter for like you said. League of legends stutter just few times per match.